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21 Mar 2018

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21 Feb 2018

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06 Feb 2018

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18 Nov 2017

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Mrs Carter
09 Feb 2016

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03 Oct 2015

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03 May 2015

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06 Aug 2013

Prom Boutique gave me such a wide choice of different dress options for my prom. There was no pressure in trying them on, and appointments were suited around you. Both Lisa and her mum Sharon were extremely helpful in finding me the right sort of dress and they managed to deal with my extremely fussy points and found a dress which was perfect - I wouldn't have chosen one from anywhere else. Thankyou so much! xxx

15 Jan 2012

Lisa's Prom Boutique is absolutely brilliant! They have a wide range of dresses, in all different colours and styles! I arranged an appointment that suited me, which was very easy! They're very helpful there and don't rush you at all! I tried on a range of different dresses and felt un-rushed and at ease. The prices are great and I'm so happy that I went there because I love the dress that I've got! Overall, it's a great business and the people running it are so lovely! xx

19 Jan 2011

Prom Boutique is the perfect place for any girl wanting to buy dresses for special occasions such as proms. Lisa has so many beautiful dresses. She is so helpful and i would not of found my perfect prom dress anywhere else, thank you so much lisa xxxx

19 Jan 2011

Lisa's Prom Boutique has a stunning range of dresses to chose from that differentiate in style, colour and size. The service is very good and Lisa is wonderfully helpful and kind. The pricing is very good and I was very happy with my final choice of prom dress, I wasn't hurried and I felt comfortable. I would recommend Lisa's Prom Boutique as you wouldn't get a better service anywhere else, not to mention that the dresses are utterly gorgeous! Thank you Lisa(: x

Alex :)
18 Jan 2011

Prom boutique has some really lovley dresses! :) got my dress from here.. lisa is very nice and helpful.. thankyou ! :)x

28 Nov 2010

Prom Boutique has a good range of stunning dresses to chose from. she is a very friendly person and aranged a time that was suitable for me. i didnt felt rushed, and felt very comfortable. i am very happy of the service, thank you lisa :)xx

15 Nov 2010

Lisa is a lovely, yet proffesional person. She was very helpful and sold me my perfect prom dress!! :) we arranged a time that I wanted and she was very easy to find, I tried on as many dresses as I wanted and felt really at ease and un-hurried. The prices are really good too - that's always nice! All round a really nice lady and business!!! xxx

14 Nov 2010

Prom boutique is soo good. We arraged a time that was good for me, and when I got there Lisa was very kind. There are so many different types of dresses that you can try on and in a range of colours. Im so happy i went and tryed on some dresses otherwise I would have never found my perfect prom dress! Prom Boutique is awesome :) xxx

14 Nov 2010

Prom Boutique has a wide range of dresses to choose from and there all stunning. I have put a deposit on a dress here, lisa is so helpful and not pushy into buying a dress. After going to lisa i deffinatly wouldnt buy my dress from anywhere else :) Thank youu (: x

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